LA-MAF is where I will be

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For a couple weeks now, I have been postponing the decision to attend the LA Mobile Arts Festival 2012 (August 18-25) and as you read this, I am on the road driving to Southern California.

Over the next several days I will be covering the exhibit and some of the events, along with meeting with several iPhoneographers I have been exchanging correspondence with or have featured on the Weekly Showcase. One of the pre-events I will participate in, is the Venice Beach Photo-walk (10AM-1PM) earlier Saturday of the LA-MFA shows opening.

I am not sure I can stay till Wednesday for the Apple hosting of The LA MAF as I will need to cover a photo exhibit at The Getty Center on Monday and then a photo shoot on Tuesday.

All images © copyright of the photographer and/or

While in Los Angeles, I will also stop by The Getty Center in order to view their photographic exhibit Picturing Landscape, which runs thru October 7, 2012. The exhibition includes a range of works, from a pre-photographic drawing made with the aid of a camera lucida to a digitally generated print. The installation is divided into three themes: 19th-century technical explorations, the 20th-century turn toward developing a particular camera vision, and the ways that contemporary photographers have framed the landscape to make environmental and conceptual statements.

Mountain IV, Clifford Ross, 2004
Gift of Fiona and Stan Druckenmiller. © Clifford Ross

If time permits, I shall have a closer look at the works by one of my favorite artist Gustav Klimt, a special exhibit also held at The Getty Center. 

The Magic of Line © The Getty Center

This major loan exhibition was organized by the Albertina Museum, Vienna, in association with the J. Paul Getty Museum, to mark the 150th anniversary of Klimt's birth. The drawings in this exhibition come mostly from the Albertina, which houses one of the most comprehensive collections of Klimt drawings. They are supplemented by works from the J. Paul Getty Museum, the Getty Research Institute, and a number of generous lenders. 

So stay tuned for further bulletins and reports on any of the afore mentioned venues.


scott davidson said...

How are we looking at the paintings of Mark Rothko these days?
Is he old hat, replaced in America by more contemporary concerns? Looking at his minimal canvases and their enticing floating squares of subdued paint live at the MOMA recently, I had to stop to wonder whether he still communicates to a modern and younger audience., the site that sells good canvas prints to order from their database of digital images, has many Rothko prints. I ordered this one, Blue and grey,
, that I have now hanging in my study. I can spend a long time looking at this elusive image that takes me to some other place not in this world.

Tonya Vollertsen said...

I am so happy to read this blog post and the implication that you are well and whole and traveling and working again! (I have neglected the blogsphere lately so i am probably really behind!)

isabel gutiérrez said...

Hola Egmont, hace tiempo que no nos escribimos. Yo pensaba que algo había pasado, pero mirando en mi lista de blogs, veo que sigues con este en activo. Así que sólo saludarte y alegrarme de que estés bien. ¿Y tu gatita?

Yo he pasado un mal año, casi sin pintar, a causa de un ictus que tuvo mi hermano en agosto del 2011. Ahora él vive en mi casa y, bueno, poco a poco voy comenzando a hacer mi vida y a pintar.

Mis mejores deseos para est nuevo año, un abrazo, Isabel