Where does time go - Calendar Bookmarks

The last few months just seems to slip through my fingers and here we are at a new quarter, time for another set of calendar bookmarks and the images presented are from a place I like visiting after having seen my daughter.

A spot where many travelers stop off, to view the ocean and experience the feel of pea size pebbles under their feet, as others venture to the other side of the beach and are exposed to a variety of rock formations stretching some distance.

I have seen Bean Hollow State Park under a different weather conditions, when the oceans water serenely caressed the shore and at other times when the oceans furry seemed to clash with a mighty force, as if to carve the topography of the land to its own liking.

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During the time of my own absence from blogging, I have had the good fortune to be creating numerous new paintings and illustrations, all of which I will be sharing with you in the coming weeks.

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