The letter ‘L’

For about a week I have been debating if I should post a set of photographic images based on random destructive typography or a more recent illustration I had created as an expression of love for my wife. As you can see I decided in favor of the illustration because I wish it to act as a bridge to a forthcoming post, since calligraphy and typography are very dear subjects for me.

Not too long ago, provided twenty-two months can be considered a brief lapse for someone at my age, I wanted to create a single declaration of affection and present it to her on her birthday. At that time we had been married for nineteen years, celebrating our anniversary just thirty day earlier.

Statement of Love, May 2007
Pen and coloured pencil on 100Lb. Bristol, 11 x 14” (27.94x35.56 cm)

Sketching a single letter L, one on top of another several times until the structure stood with strength erect and yet delicate, the following statement and phrases were added:

A huge mass of letters are forged to fabricate the
words that weave about the page of a lexicon,
Yet I am unable to find a single
phrase that will describe how my
heart feels for you . . .

A single word, a single phrase,
Love letters, a mass of letters
. . .

I would like the welcome the many new followers since my previous posting and note that having reached this momentous milestone of one hundred followers, I am thinking about a Give Away to celebrate this occasion. I am contemplating a work of art that I shall be creating for this event, so please stay tune for when it is going to take place and how you will be able to win.

Thank you for your visit