Spring, season of hope - calendar bookmarks

Originally I had the spring set ready months ago but in the last minute decided to change all the images to reflect something more cheerful, especially since we have all been experiencing an extended winter, including here in northern California where it has been raining even last week. 

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It was my original intention to photograph not only our cherry tree just outside the kitchen, but a variety of other flowering fruit trees, especially one of my neighbors just up the street. Unfortunately the storm front we had the previous weekend had devastated their trees blossoms and mine were still very small buds, while the apple trees or any of the other fruit trees that I planted earlier this year were just beginning to show signs of growth and far from having any flowers.

The creative objective was to express the delicacy of these flowers and their etherial nature that masks them so beautiful, before their short-lived existence is plucked by a breeze, when numerous petals burst into the air, descending gracefully like giant snowflakes, resting scattered about on the ground.

As of last Thursday the weather decided to be somewhat cooperative by offering decent light, while on the other hand winds proved the whole photographic session nothing more than a challenge; yet during the attempts of achieving my photographic goals I was surrounded by the activities of bees. These industrious insects were moving about very fast, that by the time I had found one in my viewfinder, it was too late, the bee had moved on and I had not even begun to compose the shot. Apart from the bees and a couple of small birds arriving at the bird feeder, I was not alone. Another insect had made it its mission to explore more closely some of the flowers for any hidden meal ticket lurking about.

It was not until this weekend that we experienced spring like weather with temperatures above normal and even shattering a few records. Even the wind had settled down a bit to be considered nothing more than a breeze, offering brief glimpses of hope and opportunity for me to capture numerous more exposures, so that I old have a decent number of frames from which to select three.

Since the completion of the painting ‘White on White,’ I have begun to paint several smaller versions from the Typography Graveyard series, including a much larger painting based on an inner-city industrial wall. When these paintings are completed, I shall share them with you.

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Christiane said...

Lieber Egmont,
das sind wunderbare Aufnahmen! So zart und doch so voll Kraft und Licht. Sie symbolisieren den Frühling meisterhaft.
LG Christiane

Anna Mavromatis said...

Lovely photographs, beautiful colors, wonderful way to welcome the change of weather. Happy spring!

La Dolce Vita said...

My Dear Egmont,

So you have had wind too, oh it has been so very windy here and yet spring is coming on beautifully. Our fruit trees are just now beginning to bloom and like you I am hoping for a nice photo. These are beautiful images, thank you for sharing them and I cannot wait to see your new work.
I hope you are well... sending big hugs,

The Artist Within Us said...

Dear Christiane,

Thank you for dropping by. I hope that your garden too is beginning to bloom and fill your life with colours.

Warmest regards, Egmont

The Artist Within Us said...

Dear Anna,

Thank you for having a look at my latest offering.
I saw your garden is doing nicely, welcoming the new season.

Wishing you all the best,

The Artist Within Us said...

Dear Caterina,

So very lovely to see you have stopped by for a visit, thank you.

I guess one could say that it is the wind which is bringing in the spring and pushing winter aside. It is another beautiful day here, however we are told to expect a few more days of rain later this week.

Wishing you all the very best,

Serafina Seidenfell said...

Hallo Egmont,

was für schöne Frühlingsbilder! Ich muss da an sanften Wind (und keinen Sturm), angenehme Temperaturen und Vogelgesang denken - das sind meine Assoziationen bei diesen Bildern.

Ich bin schon gespannt auf Deine nächsten Arbeiten - hört sich ja interessant an.

Liebe Grüße


The Artist Within Us said...

Liebe Kerstin,

Vielen dank für dein besuch und Kommentar. Es war ein langest WInter aber in der letzte Woche haben wir einige Tage Sonne, so da ist Hoffnung das Frühling is nicht eine Illusion.

Liebe Grüße

Dianne Poinski said...

Beautiful spring images Egmont! They brought a smile to my face. This is a time of fickle weather. Looks like it's going to get a bit cold again.

Can't wait to see your new paintings!

Ange said...

Your blossoms are delicatesse incarnate :) Happy Spring Egmont. We are bathed in spring sunshine here and I loathe to be inside. However, for once, there is work inside to be done
Thinking of you often as I paint...

The Artist Within Us said...

Dear Dianne,

Thank you for stopping by and commenting. We both share similar weather since we live not too far apart.

The next painting is the flip side of large since it is no more than 5x5 inches but it is in the same style and theme as 'White on White."

Wishing you and your family all the best,

The Artist Within Us said...

Dear Ange,

I am so delighted that you too hare now finally experiencing spring in all its glory. It certainly has been a long winter.

As for painting, is it painting your boats or actually painting the walls in the cottage, either way, at least you have a paintbrush in your hands.

I too have been thinking of you often and wish we could just pull both continents together and then drive to a middle point to met.

Wishing you and your family all the best,

Luzia said...

Wunderbar, wie zart die Blütenfarben mit dem Himmelsblau harmonieren. Der Frühling ist ein Fest der Farben, wie Deine schönen Buchzeichen uns zeigen! Lieber Egmont, Dir und Miss K eine tolle neue Woche wünscht Luzia.