Something new and different

As an artist we are always searching for way to reinterpret our visions and as I have always been in love with textures, I too have been searching for ways to interpret and apply the texture I discover in the form of a painting.

So while gardening, trimming a tree and cutting all the branches down to fit in the fireplace, I looked at the pile of wood on the ground, my imagination began to run wild.

After collecting enough pieces of twigs and branches to fill a ten gallon bucket, I felt I had an abundant amount that were size appropriate for use on a canvas to begin the project. Using tweezers and medium gel, each piece of wood is carefully positioned in place until the desired effect is achieved and here are the results . . . 

Holz vor den Schuppen (Enough wood in front of the shed), 8 x 8 inches

Log jam, 8 x 8 inches

Beaver’s dam, 8 x 8 inches

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